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Kaczmarczyk company is present on Polish market since 1989. The company meets the requirements of most demanding customers, looking for metal products of highest quality. Since the beginning of our business activities, many famous companies as Tchibo Gmbh, Buderus, Exbud-Skanska, architectural offices, have bet on cooperation with us thanks to our professional approach to our services, understanding specific customers' needs and our flexible consulting services in the field of lightweight steel constructions. This multi-layered approach lets us meet the needs of individual customers, large building and project management companies, coordinating serious enterprises of constructional nature, such as shopping centres, prestigious public buildings, industrial buildings and houses.

Our company specializes in pre-fabrication of stainless steel constructions, powder and hot-dip zinc coated. In this matter, we are the unquestionable leader on Polish market, being also a reliable consultant and setting the quality standards. Many of our achievements are related to joining steel with other materials, such as glass, wood or plastic.

We cooperate with many business entities, which lets our products meet the needs of our customers, thus giving us high level of satisfaction of the completion of the tasks. We have a professional design office, which role is to manage and coordinate projects, providing reliable technical solutions.

If you want your investment to be a successful one, we are the right partner.

Błażej Kaczmarczyk




  • cooperation with Keitler company, for which we produced specialized pallets for car parts transportation for BMW robotized production lines
  • the beginning of cooperation with German companies, for which we created bannisters and other lightweight metal elements


  • lightweight steel elements and fittings in BPH bank in Kęty
  • development of export to Germany; the company starts specializing in managing wide range building enterprises


  • production of bannisters for Tbilisi and Pietropavlovsk airports (General Contractor was Exbud company from Kielce)


  • production and mounting of bannisters in Tyskie Brewery, as well as lightweight steel constructions (General Contractor: Exbud company from Kielce)


  • production and mounting of lightweight steel elements and banisters in Centrum Kultury Filmowej in Jastrzębie Zdrój
  • production and mounting of lightweight steel elements and fittings in PKO BP bank in Jastrzębie Zdrój
  • execution of works in Hamacher Elektrotechnika building in Tychy


  • production and mounting of lightweight constructions of Zar pavilion for Domy Towarowe Centrum in Warsaw
  • production of bannisters, tables, safes and other elements for the new building of Rybnik City Hall
  • execution of works in ING Bank Śląski in Rybnik


  • managing the ivestment of Mokotów Gallery of GTC group with Bovis project management company (as the only company not being a subcontractor)
  • production of various stainless steel objects in Multikino complex in Zabrze
  • production of steel elements and fittings in Mercedes showroom in Zabrze


  • managing the luxury D3 EKO PARK housing estate investment in Warsaw
  • production of various stainless steel objects for Chrysler showroom in Zabrze
  • production of various stainless steel objects for Multikino complex in Bydgoszcz
  • production of lift housings, as well as other elements in Empik Megastore salon


  • execution of works in PKO bank in Opole
  • another execution of works for a car showroom, this time for BMW concern in Zabrze
  • production of lightweight steel cntstructions for HASCO-LEK pharmaceutical company in Wrocław
  • execution of works in Wratislavia Center in Wrocław
  • execution of works in Multikino cinema complex in Szczecin


  • execution of works in Blue City in Warsaw
  • servicing the MAXIMUS Wholesale Center building in Nadarzyn
  • second part of HASCO-LEK investment in Wrocław
  • execution of elements and fittings in Poznań Plaza shopping centre


  • Kępa mieszczańska (Wrocław)
  • Wrocław Uniwersity of Technology (bannisters, counters, various stainless and paint-coated steel elements)


  • servicing the Chrysler showroom building in Wrocław
  • execution of stainless steel wall housings system, as well as other elements in Factory Outlet (project management company: Bovis)


  • production of bannisters, bridges, masts as well as many other elements and fittings in Magnolia Park in Wrocław (General contractor: Warbud)
  • mounting and production of metal elements for ?Cadbury Schweppes" company in Skarbimierz
  • second part of Factory Outlet investment